Counselling and psychotherapy are changing. As technology becomes an ever bigger part of our lives, increasing numbers are looking for emotional and psychological support online. Online counselling is conducted over the internet via a number of different modes of communication:

  • Web-based video: Video sessions are conducted in the same way as face-to-face sessions. At the arranged time, I will be waiting for you to contact me and our session can begin, as if you were sitting in my office. I use Zoom, a web conferencing platform that offers considerably higher levels of security than Skype, including end-to-end encryption.
  • Instant Messaging (IM): Sessions last the same amount of time as video calls, but are conducted via text chat, also on Zoom.
  • E-mail: Each “session” takes the form of a written e-mail from you, which I will then respond to during the arranged time slot. To ensure the highest possible level of online security, I will ask you to open a free account with Tutanota, an end-to-end encrypted web-based e-mail service, which we will use for our sessions.
  • Telephone: Clients who wish to conduct their sessions by telephone are free to do so. It goes without saying that telephone calls are not encrypted.

Please note that I do not offer online counselling to people who live or work in Greater London, Surrey or Middlesex, unless their particular circumstances or symptoms mean they are unable to travel.